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 Junior tee console

Countless golf courses trust this console for its classic blend of simplicity, utility and affordability. The heavy-duty tripod stand is durable, and screw-in spikes make it portable to minimize wear and tear in high-traffic areas.


You can make your own console by combining these following selections.

1) Select a stand


Art.nr Description
SG36230 Traditional console stand
SG36248 122cm post

2) Select a ball washer


Art.nr Type Color
SG01225 Century Red
SG01250 Century Green
SG01270 Century Black
SG01325 Classic Red
SG01350 Classic Green
SG01370 Classic Black
SG01300 Classic Yellow
SG01340 Classic Brown
SG01375 Classic Blue
SG01395 Classic White
SG01425 Premier Red
SG01450 Premier Green
SG01470 Premier Black
SG01460 Premier Tan
SG01525 Medalist Red
SG01550 Medalist Green
SG01570 Medalist Black
SG01560 Medalist Tan

3) Select a waste unit 

Art.nr Type Color
SG13100 Litter caddie 34L with spike White
SG13150 Litter caddie 34L with spike Red
SG13175 Litter caddie 34L with spike Blue
SG13400 Litter caddie 34L with spike Yellow
SG13700 Litter caddie 34L with spike Green
SG13195 Litter caddie 34L with spike Black
SG12825 Litter mate single Red
SG12850 Litter mate single Green
SG12870 Litter mate single Black
SG12925 Litter mate double Red
SG12950 Litter mate double Green
SG12970 Litter mate double Black
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