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 Direction arrows

Direction arrows are made of cast aluminium with stickers on two sides. Two zinc-plated screw-in stakes hold them firm in place in turf.
Available dimensions: 28 cm and 38 cm.
Three different color combinations: white/yellow, green/white and green/tan.

Text Color 28 cm 38 cm
CARTS White/Yellow  SG10100 SG10000 
NEXT TEE White/Yellow  SG10102 SG10002 
GOLF CARS White/Yellow  SG10104 SG10004 
CARTS Green/White  SG10150 SG10050 
NEXT TEE Green/White  SG10152 SG10052 
GOLF CARS Green/White  SG10154 SG10054 
NO__TEE Green/White  ------ SG10056 
BUGGIES Green/White  SG10160 SG10060 
TROLLEYS Green/White  SG10162 SG10062 
CARTS Green/Tan  SG10170 SG10070 
NEXT TEE Green/Tan  SG10172 SG10072 
GOLF CARS Green/Tan  SG10174 SG10074 
NO__TEE Green/Tan -------  SG10076 
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