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34" Player Pak RH


The Player Pak™ is the latest innovation from the designers at SNAG®, it’s a great way to keep all your SNAG® kit together in one place and offers a brilliant way of carrying your equipment with you.

The bag carries your clubs just like a conventional golf bag but the attachments and strips of nylon hooks mean that all of your SNAG® essentials can be attached to the bag.

The Player Pak™ includes a Launcher™, Roller™, Launch Pad™, SNAG Balls™ (6), Flagsticky™ and the SNAG Bag™. All of this for one great price, it’s bound to make a great birthday or Christmas present for all budding young champions. Once you’ve got your Player Pak™ the world’s your golf course, set up your Flagsticky™ and create you own course layout, great fun for all the family and your game’s bound to improve as well.


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